Wednesday, 22 April 2015

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Squeeze by The Velvet Underground

Several events cast doubt on the liner credits of 'Loaded'. The drums here handled by Ian Paice of Deep Purple fame, Mo Tucker having left/been pushed shortly beforehand. The band's manager, seeing a growing cult of popularity building up around the group, had been masterminding the touring and ( this here ) recording of The Velvet Underground with Doug Yule as the group's leader, after the departure of Lou Reed. The release and mixing of 'Loaded' was controversial enough, 'Squeeze' is an album not even recognized by a majority of VU fans. Available only briefly upon first release and reissued in France only in the 80s, 'Squeeze' ultimately sounds more like a 5th VU album than the 1st Lou Reed solo album.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Joe Meek

The stories are hard to believe, yet however strange, they are true. A flat on Holloway Road containing a home-made studio, above a leather goods store. A procession of musicians would clamber up the stairs carrying drum kits, guitars and dreams of making the hit parade. People bang their feet on the stairs to accent a bass drum sound. The string section is in the kitchen and the singer in the bathroom. Joe was known to the few as the first recording engineer to form his own studios and record label. Triumph would last little over a year, but its status as the first truly independant label remains. Joe Meek would be the first independant producer, under the name RGM Sound, recording the artists himself then licensing / selling the results to the major labels.

Bat Out Of Hell

Bat Out Of Hell  ( 1977 )
Bat Out Of Hell / You Took The Words / Right Out Of My Mouth / Heaven Can Wait / All Revved Up With No Place To Go / Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad / Paradise By The Dashboard Light / For Crying Out Loud

Marvin Lee Aday was born in 1947 and met Jim Steinman when touring a production of the musical 'Hair'. Meat had already released one flop LP recorded for Motown Records as 'Meatloaf & Stoney', an album of duets recorded after he'd sang with Stoney Murphy performing 'Hair'. Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman started working on Bat Out Of Hell in 1972, resuming work in 1974 after a two year break. Producer and songwriter Todd Rundgren

Looking Back With Love - Mike Love

Together with the full Beach Boys touring band at the time, Mike Love took time out to record his badly selling, long since deleted, and only solo album. It sounds like The Beach Boys and given the albums reputation, and Mike's reputation as an all out git, it's far better than I ever expected it to be. Mike was writing songs during the tail-end of the 70s, wanted to prove himself, I guess. One of these songs even ended up on the Beach Boys 2012 reunion album, although that song isn't present here. The opening vocal harmonies during 'On And On And On' are straight from 'Do It Again' yet

So Sorry, presents the debut album by KISS

Kiss Introduction republished from

In the 70s, Kiss painted their faces, spit blood, breathed fire and recorded simplistic hard rock that drove the kids wild (and I do mean "kids" -- I clearly remember my 10-year-old brother and his friends being CRAZY about the band. Heck, I was too, and I didn't even know any of their songs! I remember collecting Kiss trading cards and excitedly staying up to watch "Kiss Vs. The Phantom Of The Park" on TV. It was a wonderful time, youth. Playing with that little Evil Knievel toy where you'd rev the thing up and the motorcycle would do a wheelie and go flying down the driveway, and also that thing my brother had that was a little football player and you'd push his head down really hard to make him kick the ball across the room, and that thing where it looked like planes were flying across the wall and you'd shoot them and of course Adventure People, Army Men, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, baseball cards, Lite Brite, games like Payday, Big Deal and Monopoly, Pong, oops I'm stuck in this nostalgic parenthese).

Friday, 24 May 2013

Music Critics Are Dead - written 7 or 8 years ago.

Every single week, some forty, fifty albums are released. I subscribe to Napster and they alone will feature 10 to 20 of these. Every single week. Plus, so many singles and EPs are released as to be uncountable. Everyone wants to be a star. The role of music critics in this age of every increasing quantity is somewhat unsure, however. Many smart-alecs on the web that even frequent the popular review sites and blogs appear to only do so to criticise the very point of music critiscm.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Fall - Extricate

Extricate  ( 1990 )
Sing! Harpy / I'm Frank / Bill Is Dead / Black Monk Theme Part 1 / Popcorn Double Feature / Arms Control Poseur / Black Monk Theme Part 2 / Telephone Thing / Hilary / Chicago Now / The Littlest Rebel / British People In Hot Weather / And Therein / Extricate

Enforced change, unplanned sometimes scary and potentially threatening change, often works out for the best. Thus was the result of Mark E Smith and Brix Smith parting ways. Mark E Smith promptly signed The Fall to a major label for the first time in the UK, whilst at the same time, not bothering to sign to a label in the US at all. Maybe no one wanted to sign The Fall? The expectation amongst certain critics was The Fall would flounder and fail following the departure of glamorous American Brix. In any event, major label money from EMI resulted in Mark spending more time down the pub ( probably. ) and also focusing his efforts on the recording of 'Extricate', which as the sleeve-notes tell us comprised material he/they had 'held back or just wrote over and through the tendril wires and chaos of the last 14 months'.

Sandy Denny The Very Best Of

The Best Of Sandy Denny
Listen Listen / Lady / One Way Donkey Ride / It'll Take A Long Time / Farewell Farewell / Tam Lin / Pond In The Stream / Late November / Solo / The Sea / Banks Of The Nile / Next Time Around / For Shame Of Doing Wrong / Stranger To Himself / I'm A Dreamer / Who Knows Where The Time Goes

A baby will respond to it's mothers voice and instinctively know from the very first second of it's life where it belongs. Who can explain why a record, a recording of music and human voice - can make you feel the same way? Years pass, the usual excitements and disappointments of life passes. Years flow by, a water flowing under a bridge - always passing by. The sky is blue, the sky is grey, the sky is rose tinted - and everything in life is led this way. Everyone else is moving in directions all around at angles. You understand

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Babes In Toyland - Spanking Machine

Spanking Machine  ( 1990 )
Swamp Pussy / He's My Thing / Vomit Heart / Never / Boto (W) Rap / Dogg / Pain In My Heart / Lashes / You're Right / Dust Cake Boy / Fork Down Throat

Thinking about it for a second, I should write an essay someday about how Nirvana ruined an extremely healthy american underground scene. The late eighties and very early nineties saw all sorts of truly amazing bands come out of the american underground. New bands that were truly vital, bands such as Mudhoney, Bikini Kill, Polvo, etc, etc. The legacy of grunge was that many of these bands were swept away in the rush to sign to major labels and earn money. One such move around 1994/1995 ended Babes In Toyland's career. They released one disappointing final studio album, and that was that. Not too many people seem to know of the band today. Lots of people know about Courtney Love and Hole. You're wondering aren't you, 'what's courtney got to do with it?'

The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made The Radio

That's Why God Made The Radio ( 2012 )
Think About The Days / That's Why God Made The Radio / Isn't It Time / Spring Vacation / The Private Life of Bill And Sue / Shelter / Daybreak Over The Ocean / Beaches In Mind / Strange World / From There To Back Again / Pacific Coast Highway / Summer's Gone

This is the first original beach boys album to feature Brian Wilson in twenty seven years and the first to be led by him creatively for thirty six years. Since 1988, Brian has released a number of solo albums to differing degrees of creative reception, some received great receptions. Yet, surely nobody expected this, a genuine beach boys reunion featuring all the remaining original members and backed by a selection of Brian's touring band. Jeff Foskett who had toured with the Beach Boys prior to lending his voice to Brian's solo albums steps in for some of the higher harmonies required to achieve a genuine Beach Boys vocal blend. Elsewhere Brian takes lead vocals, Al a few, Mike a couple and that's about it.

The Fall Re-Mit

Re-Mit ( 2013 )
No Respects (Intro) / Sir William Wray / Kinder of Spine / Noise / Hittite Man / Pre-MDMA Years / No Respects Rev. / Victrola Time / Irish / Jetplane / Jam Song / Loadstones

Nothing to see here, same line-up as the previous three LPs. Is Mark E Smith getting soft in his old age? Probably not, but he ain't thirty-something any more. I love the fact he'll probably still manage to release FALL lps from beyond the grave, but will the national art museum or some other such institute, like Ken Bruce, step in and collate the completed works of Mark E Smith and friends to preserve for the nation? Never appreciate until they're gone. Like a particularly bad football manager, Mark E Smith has stated he didn't like at least half of the last LP, as if trying to motivate the tracks on the new LP into being even better than they are, in a particularly misguided fashion.

David Bowie The Next Day

The Next Day ( 2013, UK pos 1 )
The Next Day / Dirty Boys / The Stars (Are Out Tonight) / Love Is Lost / Where Are We Now? / Valentine's Day / If You Can See Me / I'd Rather Be High / Boss of Me / Dancing Out in Space / How Does the Grass Grow? / (You Will) Set the World on Fire / You Feel So Lonely You Could Die / Heat

Nineties internet pioneer David Bowie occasionally makes music, but back to his all important internet career for a moment. You could sign up for bowienet and have a Bowie credit card, badge, kitchen roll, Bowie chrome plated Kettle, Bowie bathroom scales. Ok, I made a couple of those up. Really, 'The Next Day' should come with some sort of health-warning. A white sticker says 'The Next Day' which has been plastered over the cover-art for 'Heroes' - yet 'The Next Day' has far more in common with 'Scary Monsters' than it does the Berlin trilogy. Lead single 'Where Are We Now?' for those rightly swooning over its majesty, may be disappointed to learn it's atypical of the set as a whole.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music

Metal Machine Music 3 ( 1975 )
Metal Machine Music Pt 1 / Metal Machine Music Pt 2 / Metal Machine Music Pt 3 / Metal Machine Music Pt 4

I'm currently listening to this album in Windows Media Player version 9, complete with 5.1 surround sound speakers. Just for that extra special wall of hoover effect that only 'Metal Machine Music' can bring a listener!! Yeah, the Lou Reed magnum opus that is 'Metal Machine Music' really is quite something.